Jason’s Class Bio – Stanford

Stanford class is 6 years old (5 western age). I teach them from 11:30am to 12:50pm. We take a break around 12:10pm by lining up on little red dots and marching down the hallway. All my kids are obsessed with a part of the wall where we line up because it is covered with small […]

Jason’s Class Bio – Emory Class

Emory class is 7 years old (6 western age) and in their second year of studying English. I have 7 children in the class, 3 girls and 4 boys. We study two programs called “Treasures” and “Rainbow Bridge”. Basically, this makes our class one of the busiest classes in the school. Our class begins at […]

Shanghai Hen Style

Our arrival in Shanghai reminded me of a story in one of my favorite books. When a farmer needs to introduce¬† new hens to the mix, he waits until all the veteran hens are asleep, and then slips them in. In the morning, none of the veteran hens even realize that there are new arrivals. […]

Our Karma-Travels Challenger

Throughout our travels for the past year there has been one constant. No, I’m not talking about Jason’s craving for anything muffin-like or items that resemble cookies. I am talking about our Karma-Travels Challenger. This “challenger” took time out of her busy schedule of teaching 1st graders to write us letters to be opened when […]

Happy 1 year of travel

The date today is Sunday, May 16, 2010.¬† One year ago Jason and I stood at the airport and said a very teary goodbye to my Dad. As we waved goodbye to the last familiar face we would see for some time, I was speechless. And for those of you who know me, that does […]

Giant’s Game and Clubbin in Busan

In honor of our friend Bryan’s birthday, we all went to a Lotte Giants baseball game then to Club Makdem on Saturday. The Giants’ stadium seats around 25,000 and is very nice. The view is great everywhere in the park. Behind home plate, there is a huge section of seats with tables for eating – […]

Saturday Exploration

Last weekend, I decided to set aside my Saturday to explore the mountains just to the north of our apartment. We have been here before, but only to select spots and I naturally wanted to see what else was to be found. I set off around 10 am, via subway, towards Beo-ma Temple. After a […]

Jinhae Adventure

Jinhae is a well-known area in South Korea for couples to take in the picturesque cherry blossoms dotting the streams that gently flow down from the surrounding mountainsides. The town itself is located one hour west of Busan on the far side of a small bay. The town is also known for having a naval […]

Gyeong Ju and more

Last weekend we were invited by the mother of one of my former students to go with her and her son to Gyeong Ju. Gyeong Ju is a historic town in eastern South Korea that is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO for its historical significance. Other than being very old, it is […]

Busan Night Live Performance

Hello friends! We have been so busy so blogging had to be put on hold. But, we are back with a goal to write at least once a week. I am going to update you on our social lives and Jason will write to update you on the school life. Randomly back in February I […]