Today is Tuesday, June 23. We are sitting at an internet cafe before heading to our afterschool program. We have had a rough couple of days of just feeling tired and having upset stomachs but nothing we can´t handle. Our goal for these posts are to be honest about our experiences, both good and bad. […]

Travel with Caution

  Thank you to all our readers for your wonderful posts and comments. It has really made our trip that much more fun to be able to share it with everyone. We are reading them so please keep the comments coming. If you have alot of questions or would like to chat with us, feel […]

Special Needs Peru

Hola from the desert. I finally am getting a moment to sit down and reflect on the past week of volunteering at the special needs school. I don´t know where to start since I can´t believe it´s been a week since we stepped into the school for the first time.   When we went to […]

Expand Peru-After School Program

Hola Amigos! Jason is a step ahead of me in posting but he has given me the honor of writing about our volunteering thus far.   We are volunteering with an non-profit called Expand Peru. They have several locations throughout Peru but they are most active in Huancayo with different schools and orphanages. We arrived […]

Concert and hiking trip in Huancayo

Ashley was sick this weekend, so I was flying solo (yes…after making sure she was ok and had everything she needed).   Saturday night there was a concert in the futbol stadium in Huancayo. All of the Expand Peru volunteers (7 of us), along with our director, volunteer coordinator and a couple of their local […]

Trip to Huancayo

We departed Mira Flores by taxi to the bus station. We were expecting a crowded, tight, and uncomfortable bus similar to the ones we had ridden for hours in Costa Rica. Our transport to Huancayo was arranged through our volunteer organization, Expand Peru, so we did not quite no what to expect.   We were […]

Our Arrival in Peru!

We have finally arrived in Peru! Our flight was quite nice – very smooth. Our descent into Lima was interesting as a hazy cloud forms over Lima this time of year and blocks your view of anything below from the plane…except for the mountain peaks poking through into the blue sky above!   After pushing […]