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Sea Turtle Love in Gandoca

 Hola! We are back from Gandoca, Costa Rica with the bug bites to prove it. Sandflies are nasty things that I would not wish on my worst enemy, but it was a small price to pay to get to play with sea turtles. As I sit here to write this I don’t even know where […]

Whats in a name

                We have been in Costa Rica for just over 10 days now. We have really jumped into this trip at a wonderful place. Over the past 10 days we have stayed almost every other night in a different place, with new people, new surroundings. Although each place has been different, there are two […]

Cerro Chato!

Today we scaled a volcano. That is actually a pretty good way to summarize it. Our hike started out on a well groomed grass trail lined by beautiful flowers and plants. Birds were flying overhead and all sorts of lizards were scampering around. The trail was quite interesting in that the beginning of the trail […]

Arenal is Hot Hot Hot!

Hola Friends! We are on the move again! We loved our time in Monteverde, but are anxious to move on to the next adventure. This morning we got picked up from our hostel by Jeep Boat Jeep to go to the little town of LaFortuna. The ride (which is in a minibus, not a jeep, […]

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Yesterday (5-17-09), we woke at 5:30 am and hiked 5 Kilometers to the Reserva de Monteverde  (The Monteverde Biological Reserve) with some friends we met at the hostel we were staying at; Pension la Santa Elena.  One new friend, Marissa is from Wisconsin and two other girls with us were from Munich, Germany. We soon arrived at a free Hummingbird exhibit just […]

The First Two Days in Costa Rica

Hola Friends! We have arrived safely in Costa Rica. We actually ended up arriving a day later in San Jose due to a cancelled flight, but we finally did arrive. Our karma-travels philosophy has already held true because on the flight over to Costa Rica, we met a wonderful señorita from San Jose. By the […]