Jason’s Class Bio – Emory Class

Emory class is 7 years old (6 western age) and in their second year of studying English. I have 7 children in the class, 3 girls and 4 boys. We study two programs called “Treasures” and “Rainbow Bridge”. Basically, this makes our class one of the busiest classes in the school. Our class begins at 10:00am, after everyone changes into their “indoor” shoes – even though they have already walked through the school with their “outdoor” shoes on. Each student brings his or her folder up to me with their homework book and report book that parents use to communicate with our Korean co-teacher. Foreign teachers (us) only give reports once a month since many parents can’t read a lot of what we write anyway.  We take one break to get water and go to the bathroom and end class at 11:20am. A short bio on the students…


Thomas is a very funny student and can always be counted on to make a funny face or to laugh at anything slightly abnormal that I do. He also makes up some pretty interesting stories. He was obsessed with South Korea’s soccer (or football for you non-Americans) team and enjoys yelling out miscellaneous player’s names. The boys have become quite fond of calling out what team they are to represent what order they have finished their assignment in (Spain 1st, Netherlands 2nd, etc.). I was told Thomas is a little upset that I am leaving as he would not give me a smile for my pictures seen below : (


Branden is very reserved and pretty quiet in class…until we do spelling. Then, he becomes Mr. Competitive. At home, he quite literally only plays video/computer games. I feel very bad for him because his creativity is non-existent. I just wish his parents would have him do something other than sit and watch a screen.


Max is the equivalent of Sideshow Bob. He can be counted on to follow whatever the other boys are doing and to try and make it slightly crazier. He’s a lot of fun to have in class. He’s not much in the academic category, but I think he could have a career with modeling because he’s pretty photogenic.


Kevin is the most advanced boy in the class and also the newest. He is a big baseball fan and I can talk a little more with him than the other boys (at least in a sensible way). He just returned from a trip to the Philippines and brought me a big package of mangoes. Sweet!


Sunny (yes, her name is sunny) is always asking me if her answers are right. She has not quite caught on that school is about her learning things and that it is not me doing her papers for her. That being said, she is also one of the brightest girls in the class. So, the answers she is asking me about are usually correct.


Lucy is a semi-perfectionist. She is almost always the last one finished on assignments, but only because she is erasing every third letter to make sure it was constructed in the proper manner. She’s pretty quiet in class and mostly a watcher.


Grace is probably the most academic student in the class. She is very smart and never does anything wrong. Grace does have an uncanny obsession with reaching out spontaneously to grab and rub my arm. I will be sitting in a chair and she will come up behind me to rub her arm on mine, then run off. The kids are most definitely deprived of parent contact as they spend most time at school and finishing homework – yes, they are 6.

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