Jason’s Class Bio – Stanford

Stanford class is 6 years old (5 western age). I teach them from 11:30am to 12:50pm. We take a break around 12:10pm by lining up on little red dots and marching down the hallway. All my kids are obsessed with a part of the wall where we line up because it is covered with small colorful beads. I am convinced every kid in Korea has texture and sensory issues, so the wall is great. We transition to lunch after everyone washes their hands and gets their chopsticks and spoon out. We all sing the “lunch song” before we eat. Overall, they are a great class and they never cease to amaze me with the hilarious things they say and do.


Amy is the top speller in the class, but also a student that I am constantly having to talk to about her behavior. I received a note from her mother on teacher’s day that translated as “here is a gift, love my daughter.”


Aaron has an older brother Alex, who I also taught the first six months at SLP. He is always full of energy and for some reason really has a hang up on the second “a” in his name. His partner in crime is Alex (not his brother, but the other Alex in class) and they always are trying to talk across the room.


Daniel has only been with us for a few months. He, however, is one of the brightest in the class an has an abnormal obsession with dinosaurs. This came to a head when we visited a dinosaur exhibit for our last field trip. He was talking about it for weeks. “Teacher… dinosaurs! Field trip! Dinosaurs!”


Esther is the quietest in the class and seems to have quiet little tiffs with the other girls in the class. Somehow these always seem to be resolved by the end of class and she gets along with everyone well. She is great to have in class because I almost never have to tell her to do anything. She does it by herself.


Chloe came at the same time Daniel did, so she has only been with us for a short time. She is super cute and quite smart. I am not sure that she really fits in with the other kids, but she always seems to have a great time.


Ethan loves the Lotte Giants, our local professional baseball team. He often wears his Giants jersey and his ball cap. He is pretty quiet in class and fairly immature compared to the rest of the class, but is still really cute and I love having him in class. He rarely smiles, but has an expressive grin that makes everyone love him.


Alex is Aaron’s partner in crime as previously mentioned and is usually found talking at all times of the day (and probably night, too). He is constantly worried about everyone else in the class and has taken on the important mission of informing me of everything that is going on in the class with other people…even if it just happened right in front of my eyes.


Eva is an interesting character. Her world does not seem to coincide with our own. I often spot her staring at the ceiling or wall and she sometimes tells some outrageously confusing stories. I have seen her get hurt in more ways than I could possibly invent in my own head, too. See has dropped straight out of her chair while sitting, fallen over while standing still, hit her head on the wall while lining up, smashed her finger between tables when she was writing, and the list goes on. Like I said, she’s quite a character.


Joseph I might liken to Napoleon. He is a semi-outcast from the group, but when in charge (as line helper) he is a ruthless leader. He could care less about anything when he is not in control, but if it is his job, he will physically move people to line up straight and get quite defensive about people not following orders. His clothing choices, as seen below, are probably more hilarious than his personality. I have never seen shorter shorts or more low cut tank-tops than those worn by Joseph. I am pretty sure many of them are actually meant for girls.

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