Saying Goodbye to the Ivy Leagues

We have about 9 hours until we scoot to school, ride the elevator to the fourth floor with screaming children, and swipe our SLP cards to “check in” at the front for the last time. Tomorrow is our last day at school. There aren’t many words to describe the emotional state I (Ashley) find myself […]

Kids I Want to Hang Out With

The time has come. I have cleaned out my desk, written my last report and made my last lesson plan. I will not miss many things about teaching, especially the crazy parents. But, I will miss 90% of my students. The 10% that didn’t make the cut will be missed but in a different way. […]

Jason’s Class Bio – Stanford

Stanford class is 6 years old (5 western age). I teach them from 11:30am to 12:50pm. We take a break around 12:10pm by lining up on little red dots and marching down the hallway. All my kids are obsessed with a part of the wall where we line up because it is covered with small […]

Jason’s Class Bio – Emory Class

Emory class is 7 years old (6 western age) and in their second year of studying English. I have 7 children in the class, 3 girls and 4 boys. We study two programs called “Treasures” and “Rainbow Bridge”. Basically, this makes our class one of the busiest classes in the school. Our class begins at […]

Jason’s Top Ten

As Ash and I are nearing the end of our trip’s first leg, I have thought back to the highlights of the past year and a half. Ashley has already listed her top memories, so I feel like it is only fair to even things out with my top ten trip list. We have met […]

Shanghai Hen Style

Our arrival in Shanghai reminded me of a story in one of my favorite books. When a farmer needs to introduce¬† new hens to the mix, he waits until all the veteran hens are asleep, and then slips them in. In the morning, none of the veteran hens even realize that there are new arrivals. […]

Couchsurfing, Beijing and the Great Wall of China

We recently visited China during a much needed week-long vacation from our jobs teaching English in South Korea. We departed bright and early on Saturday, July 24th, along with two of our co-teachers, Brian and Dianna. To our slight embarrassment, Ashley pointed out that Bryan and I were looking like twins, both wearing gray colored […]