Our Karma-Travels Challenger

Throughout our travels for the past year there has been one constant. No, I’m not talking about Jason’s craving for anything muffin-like or items that resemble cookies. I am talking about our Karma-Travels Challenger. This “challenger” took time out of her busy schedule of teaching 1st graders to write us letters to be opened when the specific date on the front arrived. On May 10th we were handed a stack of little white treasures, waiting to be opened. We were under strict instructions not to open them until the date arrived. I don’t remember how many there were, but we were excited. Upon arriving home they were split into two piles. “Before Korea” which was May through September 2009, and “In Korea.”

Little did we know that there wasn’t just a cute note inside. There were challenges. Some were harder than others, some were embarrassing, and some were for our challenger’s sheer entertainment. We sadly have not blogged about each one like we should have but I do not want our challenger to think we did not appreciate every thought and ounce of energy that went into creating such a fun challenges for us. So, we thank you Deb Stubbeman, for the most creative and loving treasures that we have had the pleasure of opening throughout our trip. Here you go Deb, our hilarious attempts at your challenges!  We love you and your challenges so much.

(In no particular order)
1)Scream “My aunt rocks” in a crowded airport. This was the first challenge and since I (Ashley) have no problem embarrassing myself, I took this hit for the team. We were in Lima, Peru. I was relieved that afterward, I was not arrested for being crazy. Just so you know Deb, I was not shy about it. The insane laughter that escaped me following my screaming probably kept the security guards at bay. Mission accomplished.

2) Find a red car and put a picture on your blog. We decided to have a little fun with this one. We saw plenty of red cars and we thought that was boring. So, we waiting until we found a red Lamborghini. That’s right, a Lamborghini. We were in Cuzco, Peru and it just appeared. A man was behind it, pushing it through the street. Ok, we are talking about the famous Peruvian ice cream….LAMBORGINI! Mission accomplished.

3)Find some kind of turkey and take a pic-
We were lucky enough by November 2009 in Korea to be friends with the most wonderful people. We were invited to spend Thanksgiving at our friends house along with 15 of our “Socrates Cafe” friends. It was a pot luck dinner full of fun, stories and a little football. Yes, there was a turkey but we didn’t eat any! Mission accomplished.

Little apartment, many friends

4) New Year, take a picture and send it to our parents. New Year was spent in Japan with our challenger so this challenge was witnessed by our challenger. We found the glasses in a shop pre-new years countdown but I love them!

Happy New Year Japan!

5) Take a picture of a Korean  lunch-I’ll let this one speak for itself. This is the lunch that our kids get served hot every day. Sometimes it even has little dead fish on the side. All the kids eat it without complaining. It it was America, this lunch would not fly. No wonder Koreans are so skinny!

6) Have a candlelight dinner for Valentines Day-We weren’t in a fancy place for dinner on V-day but we were hiking in Jirisan National Park. We didn’t have a scented candle, but we did have our little camp stove. It’s the closest thing to candle light I can think of. It was a romantic dinner of ramen noodles with tuna. For dessert we shared hot chocolate. Then we froze our butts off in negative 4 degree weather through the night. It was fantastic. Mission accomplished.

Candle light dinner

7) Take a picture of some Korean writing- This was easy. Our lives now revolve around seeing Korean signs we can read  but have  no  idea what they say. Where’s the bathroom? It’s over there…or is it?  Mission accomplished.

The pictures are even better!

3 Responses to “Our Karma-Travels Challenger”

  1. deb says:

    Hello Travelers,
    Are you having fun yet? It sure was nice to have you home. Missing you already.
    Jes and I went to Tom and Tracy’s last night. They cooked dinner for us, yummy. Tracy gave me healthy stuff to put on my nightly oatmeal. The food was great, as always. Tom is cooking next week, I offered but they said no, mmmmmmm?! 😉 They are so funny w/o trying to be.
    Love ya.

  2. tracy says:

    Hey Deb, That was cool! And J n A’s reply was really cool!

    Love, Mama Stubs

  3. stubbemand says:

    Oh soooooooo cool. I knew you would do it. I love you both soooooooooo much.

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