Giant’s Game and Clubbin in Busan

In honor of our friend Bryan’s birthday, we all went to a Lotte Giants baseball game then to Club Makdem on Saturday. The Giants’ stadium seats around 25,000 and is very nice. The view is great everywhere in the park. Behind home plate, there is a huge section of seats with tables for eating – and man do Koreans eat at a baseball game. Everything from fried chicken to squid and from Korean pizza to fish on a stick. Oh yeah…and lots of beer. Beer, beer, beer. You can bring your own food and beer into the game, so families bring huge coolers and (literally) buckets of chicken into the game to enjoy. The stadium itself is complemented by a mountain backdrop. Although the stadium is nice, the team is not very good. We left in the 7th inning with the score something like 15 to 3.  Great experience, just wish the team was better. The best thing is that tickets are only 7,000 won (a little over $6).

A little after the game we all met back up and headed to Haeundae beach where we enjoyed a tasty dinner at Tippy Thai. I love Pad Thai! Shortly after, we all headed to Club Makdem. The club was actually really neat and had green laser lights shining everywhere, with a couple different bars. They played a combination between house/techno and hip hop music. Not what I expected in Busan, but it was fun.


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