Saturday Exploration

Last weekend, I decided to set aside my Saturday to explore the mountains just to the north of our apartment. We have been here before, but only to select spots and I naturally wanted to see what else was to be found. I set off around 10 am, via subway, towards Beo-ma Temple. After a […]

Jinhae Adventure

Jinhae is a well-known area in South Korea for couples to take in the picturesque cherry blossoms dotting the streams that gently flow down from the surrounding mountainsides. The town itself is located one hour west of Busan on the far side of a small bay. The town is also known for having a naval […]

Gyeong Ju and more

Last weekend we were invited by the mother of one of my former students to go with her and her son to Gyeong Ju. Gyeong Ju is a historic town in eastern South Korea that is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO for its historical significance. Other than being very old, it is […]