Yoga + Lost + Friends = Great Weekend

So I started this weekend off right by going to the climbing gym and meeting some new friends. I climbed with them for awhile, then found out that one of them was actually coming with me to meet up with my other Korean climbing friends. My friend, Hwan Yong’s younger sister was preparing to take an English test, so he asked if I could help her. We headed to a local coffee shop, “Angels in Us” – Korea’s version of Starbucks. We just sat and chatted, practicing English for a couple of hours. All in all it was a very relaxing night with a few Korean friends.

The next day, we started a new yoga class that is led by Tiffany, one of Ashley’s friends here in Korea who is from San Diego, CA. We had a great class, even though I felt like I was going to break after climbing hard the night before. After yoga, a group of us decided to go out for lunch. We met our friend Ryan, which is Hyesook’s (Kate teacher – she teaches with us at SLP) husband (he is from Fort Wayne, IN) and went to The Loving Hut in PNU (an area in Busan near Pusan National University). We had a great meal, then parted ways. I headed off to Korean lessons to take an impossible test.  I am nearing the end of my time in Korean lessons, so I brushed up on a few things I needed to know, then joined the other teachers and students for some snacks to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

That night, we all headed over to Ryan and Hyesook’s apartment for burritos and to watch the new episode of the tv show LOST. Dinner was excellent and the show left us all on the edge of our seats, as it always does. Afterwards, we played Wii sword fighting and archery. I learned I am an excellent video game swordsman, but a very poor archer. To cap the evening off, we headed up to the roof on the 25th floor for a great view of Busan. At night, you can see the city lit up with neon lights and the outlines of the mountains all around town.

On Sunday, Ashley started her day like a good girl, heading out for an early run while I was lazy and slept in a little. We soon headed off to Philosophy club after Skyping with my parents. It was an interesting conversation at philosophy club, as always, and afterwards the group headed over to another Starbucks to see if we could find a more quiet space to hold our meetings. I felt bad for the baristas there. You should have seen the look on their face when they saw a group of 20 waygookeens (foreingers – AKA white people) walk in to observe, then leave just a few seconds later.

Ashley spent the afternoon auditioning for a comedy skit show. She randomly found the auditions on Saturday and thought it sounded fun. She landed a role in three different skits so she is very excited for the performance on March 13th. She then heading to quiz night with some of the coolest friends that we have made in Busan, Jon and Cory. Not only are they cool, they are very smart which makes quiz night super fun. I wasn’t there but I know they rip it up on all the difficult questions. While Ashley was hanging out with awesome Cory and Jon, I headed off to the book store with some friends, then headed home to chill out.  All in all… another great weekend, then back to the grind. We have our school play this Tuesday, which is the culmination of months of confusing and unorganized preparation. Wish us luck!


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