Today I went to the hospital due to severe sinus pressure and probable Acute Sinusitis. First off, let me say that it appears that the words “sinus” or “sinusitis” does not translate in Korean. Secondly, I have no idea where to go during the day at the hospital to check in.

After walking back and forth for a short time and pretending to read some signs, a Korean man approached me speaking in broken English. He led me to the emergency wing and we tried to communicate my problem to the front desk employee. The man informed us that he couldn’t really help us and we should try to go to the pharmacy to get some medicine.

The man was nice enough to walk me across the street to the pharmacy and help me explain my problem (or “disease” as they refer to every ailment) to the pharmacist. After she said she would not be able to give me anything to help without a prescription, she suggested we go back to the hospital. : (

As we headed back across the street to the hospital, I found out that the man who I had originally thought was a doctor or hospital worker was, in fact, a patient who was being treated with STIM therapy after a car accident he was in. We quickly made our way through the hospital line for the second time and I was seen by the doctor. The doc proceeded to tell me that he could not help me because they did not have a nose/throat doctor there. They suggested I go to a specialist at a Nose and Throat clinic. The nice Korean man offered to give me a ride in his car (I had no idea where the place was, so this was pretty lucky).

After a few minutes of driving, we found a parking spot and he accompanied me inside to find a sign that said they would be closed for another 30 minutes for lunch. The man waited with me, trying to make small talk. He had visited San Diego once two years ago and we spoke some about that in half English.

When the 30 minutes was up, he helped me check in and explain what was wrong. He also came in to see the doctor and help explain to him what the problem was. He waited until I was done and walked me to the Pharmacy to get meds, then made sure I knew where I needed to go, before saying goodbye.

This guy spent over 2 hours of his day helping a random stranger (and I looked like crap by the way). How many of us can say we are that spontaneously generous? I was so inspired, and thankful, I had to write and share the story with all of you. The opportunity to make an impact presents itself in many ways – keep your eye out!

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    Hey why aren’t we on the itinerary? Tell that webmaster dude to get on it. I can’t wait.

    Ashley’s mom gave us goodies for you. 🙂
    Love ya.

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