The Week in Review

It’s starting to get colder now. We are wearing light gloves and putting on light stocking caps at night. The weather itself if still pretty nice, however.

I have been teaching about dinosaurs this week. The kids all love them. I remember when I learned about dinosaurs – I also loved them. These kids, though, know all the fancy names for different dinosaurs that you have never heard of in your life – most I cannot hope to pronounce. I have full classes again. Two weeks ago my first classes were down from 10 to 3 and from 8 to 5 because everyone was sick. This week everyone is back though and we are going full steam ahead again. I also got another 7 kids added to one of my afternoon classes so the class will finally talk…yeah!

Winter break is quickly approaching and Ash and I are both looking forward to seeing Deb, Kevin, Cody, and Jess! Our big winter play was rescheduled for February 9th because of the Swine Flu scare, which takes a lot of pressue off of us teachers : )

I have been climbing a lot and I am getting stronger. Still getting my butt kicked on a regular basis by the top Korean climbers at our gym, but I am improving nonetheless. I also went to a batting cage for the first time in four years and hit some balls. It was a lot of fun… and I only got hit by the awesome pitching machine three times!

I attached some pictures of our office at SLP (our school), of the climbing competition I went to and of our traditional Korean dinner with our friend Won Seop.



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  1. Dori says:

    Great pictures, I still read your posts and check your site on a regular basis. it keeps me connected to you both. it was great to Skype with you. miss you love you!

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