SLP Birthday Suprise

Today, the kids from many classes at our school (SLP) had a suprise for me. The first two classes I walked into had a kind of competition to see who could suprise me the most. They were all “hiding” under their desks and behind their chairs and when I opened the door everyone jumped out and screamed happy birthday.

A little ways into my second class, Ashley’s class also had a suprise for me. I asked one of the helper teachers to watch my class for a moment while I went to see what it was. Again, the class was hiding under their desks and jumped out to suprise me (they like doing that). They all had made birthday cards for me and then sang happy birthday to me and danced to the Beatle’s “They Say It’s Your Birthday”.

A little later while trying to find a book in the library, I had a group of students start yelling “Happy Birthday Jason Teacher!” through the glass. This soon caught on as I had probably 20 students huddled around the door chanting a more or less continuous “happy birthday” to me. A couple of students who had made me cards in another class brought them to me and upon seeing that, the other students decided they should have made cards as well. They were soon rushing back to their classroom to find whatever they could write on to make me a happy birthday card. Within seconds I was literally getting scrap pieces of paper with “I love you” and “Happy Birthday” and “I will listen to you” (spelled correctly though, I might say). The most classic card was the one I flipped over, only to realize it was their homework from tonight!!!

Aside from feeling absolutely miserable today, the students all wished me a very happy birthday and our supervisor Lynn brought in a cake to celebrate and lit candles. Tonight, we are headed out with some friends to the International Buffet at Lotte Department Store. (The Department Stores here are the most high class things you have ever seen and it is easy to feel a bit out of place, but they have good food on the 10th floor!!!)

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  1. Amanda Clark says:

    You both look wonderful and happy! Best of luck!!!

  2. Dori says:

    high class department store, sign me up!!! enjoy your birthday celebration! miss you both!

  3. Pappa & Mamma Stubs says:

    Happy B-day son!

    Mom & Dad

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