Beomosa Temple Stay

Annyunghasayo (hello)! We are doing wonderful and finally took a weekend to relax for Jason’s birthday. As some of you may know, Korea has three main religions. One of them is Buddhism and we have always been interested in checking out some of the traditions. There is a very large temple called Beomosa that is […]

SLP Birthday Suprise

Today, the kids from many classes at our school (SLP) had a suprise for me. The first two classes I walked into had a kind of competition to see who could suprise me the most. They were all “hiding” under their desks and behind their chairs and when I opened the door everyone jumped out […]

Trip to Seoul and the DMZ

Over the weekend, we traveled to Seoul – the capital of South Korea. Seoul is a massive city packed full of people, buildings, and vehicles. The subway map alone is enough to confuse even a smart person with 9 different lines weaving in and around each other. That being said, it is quite easy to […]