Jason’s Classes

My first two classes every day are 80 minutes each. They are with 7 year olds (Korean age), 6 year olds English age.

My first class consists of ten first-year English students, who are very hyperactive – you can almost see their head spin they want to move so bad. The class is a diverse mix of very interesting personalities. In the back of the class, I have a girl who is very quiet and likes to cry. So quiet, in fact, that I have trouble hearing her when she starts crying. If I had to average the days she cries, I would say about every other day. So far, it has been for no apparent reason other then a boy looked at her the wrong way. The boy next to her likes to put his arms in his shirt and act like a moving blob, making weird squeaking noises. Continuing down the row, there is a very short boy who gets nose bleeds on a daily basis. When I ask him how he is each morning, he says: I am angry. When I ask him why he is angry he simply points to his nose with his finger and says there was blood here… and here… and here. Next, we have the tallest boy in the class who likes to pretend like he has an accent, so he speaks with a Korean/English/Spanglish accent, possibly with a litle Klingon thrown in. I honestly don’t know. Next to him is a small girl who speaks very softly, but is a good student and always follows directions. In the front, there is a boy who enjoys screaming at random moments. No particular pattern… just when he feels like it. Accross from him, there is a girl who likes to test limits. However, when she loses, she cries. Just to recap…that makes two criers. Next to her is a boy named after a cookie who randomly stands up and wonders into walls – or chairs – or tables – or bookshelves for entertainment value. Next to him, there is a boy who seems to have realized the true meaning of the word whisper. 

If I were to make a song, inspired by my class, it would go something like: Two girls a crying, one boy a bleeding, two boys a squeeling, one boy Whis-per-ing… You get the idea. Aside from the quirks, the class keeps me on my toes, so it is a good way to wake up and start the day.

My second class is a group of seven 6 year olds. This class is the same age, but not in maturity. It is much easier to actually see progress with this class, aside from one student who is always a challenge by trying to balance betwen two tables. Their favorite thing to do is talk about their secret places and robots, so conversation is always new…and interesting.

It is late, so more to come about my later classes, well, later.

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  1. stubbemand says:

    Well I guess there are different kinds of kids everywhere. I have one that shouts and several hummers. They make me crazy. I love hearing about your classes. I was so glad I finally got to talk to Ashley. I wish I could hug your little crier. Do you ever meet the parents? I’m working on the kids passports today. Can’t wait to talk to you this weekend. Love you both.

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