We Are in Korea!

We arrived in Busan, South Korea late last night. We are 13 hours AHEAD of Eastern U.S. time and 14 hours AHEAD of Central U.S. time. Our flights were smooth and we arrived to the many neon lights and crazy traffic of Busan around 10 PM. We are staying in a hotel for the first few days until the current teachers move out later this week. We are pretty excited as we start training in a few hours at our school and are getting ready to try to figure out where we can eat in this maze! I am writing this on a computer that is all in Korean script, so it is a bit difficult. We will update you more when we can get our computer hooked to the net!

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  1. Yusuke Mizuno says:

    Go on skype when you get internetttttttttttttt. yUP. That is all.

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