Peru to Hawaii, Culture Shock

Aloha Friends! We have made it to Hawaii. We arrived two days ago after a short stop in LA to eat breakfast with our good friend Kat. We are in awe of everything, not realizing how much we missed the good old USA. We got in around 9pm so we were pretty tired. The next morning I went with our gracious host Winlee to the local pharmacy and was blown away by the choices. She found me wandering in the aisles, pretty much just making circles around the store. One of the first items in my basket was a jar of Jiff peanut butter. I almost opened it in the aisle and started sampling but luckily my self control was in tact. I decided to make of list of things I missed the most that somewhat surprised me and then some that I knew.

1) Drinking from the tap without fear for my life

2) Peanut chocolate mixed together in the heavenly form of Reeses 

3) Showering with a non-electric shower head-In Peru and Costa Rica they have electric shower heads that run voltage through the water before it hits your head. I know I was taught that water and electricity do NOT mix but for some reason South America defies that. The result-a good shock when you accidently touch the shower head or turn on the water

4) Veggie friendly anything-enough said

5) Bus rides that you don’t fear for your life

6) My running shoes and other runners in general

We are staying with our old college friend Winlee and her girlfriend Hanu. They live in a little valley on Oahu. They have couchsurfers all the time and are great hosts. What’s really special is that we met Winlee at the University of West Florida our freshman year. So she has know Jason and I from the start. She transfered to U of Hawaii her Jr. year and we lost touch for a little while. But thanks to the amazing powers of Facebook, we reconnected about a year ago and now I’m sitting in her cute house. Yesterday we went surfing and got rocked by the waves that really weren’t that big! We both stood up a few times but concluded that we really should take a lesson or two. 

So we are officially here on our “vacation” portion of our trip. We don’t have every day planned at the current moment but there are a few key things on our list. First, we are flying on Tuesday to the island of Kauai to stay one glorious night at the Sheraton for our 2 year anniversary. We pricelined it before we left and got the room for half of what they originally charge. We plan on a sushi dinner and relaxing by the pool. Then we plan on hiking one of the most famous hikes in Kauai which will take us about 3 days total. Its called the Kalalau Trail and supposedly its one of the most beautiful hikes in Hawaii. From there, we want to go to Maui to hike the crater there and then work on an organic farm for a week. After that, we want to head back to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor. 

So we are just filling our days with good food and friends at the current moment. One glitch has occured, but we have already recovered from it in style. Since we are teaching in South Korea we pre-packed two boxes of professional clothes to be shipped to Hawaii that would then be checked in when we fly there. My amazing parents had the job of shipping these packages before we arrived in HI so they would meet us here. Also in these boxes were clothes packed just for Hawaii like shorts, tank tops, and nicer clothes for the Sheraton, our computer, etc. Well, we went to pick them up at the post office and low and behold, they are not there. Unfortunatley, no one informed my Padre that when you ship parcel post (which is what I told him to do because I looked up the shipping times for parcel post) to HI, it takes an extra two weeks nor did I ever see anything about that while researching. So we were shocked but not stressed. We have clothes with us now but not much warm weathered stuff for a month in Hawaii. So, we did what anyone on a budget would do…we went to the thrift store. An hour later we both emerged with new outfits. Jason actually found kakhi pants which he has a hard time at home doing! I found a cute polka dot dress to wear to our sushi dinner and shorts for everything else. I even found a pair of cute heels to match my dress. So, crisis averted. 

We really feel like we are on vacation here but I find it ironic that we both keep mentioning how much we miss certain things from Peru and Costa Rica, especially the people we have met along the way and the work we know that is waiting for someone to do.-Ash

6 Responses to “Peru to Hawaii, Culture Shock”

  1. Yusuke Mizuno says:

    Heyo! I just popped on this blog again… Haven’t read it since calculus started! YES @ your Peru-> N.A. differences. I had reverse culture shock for a while as well… Anyway. I must post another comment higher up to grab some of your attention.

  2. Barbara Rojas says:

    Are you in the eye of the hurricane! Wow! What timing!
    By the way, your “where are we” shows you still in Cusco!

    Keep safe!

  3. Aunt Karen Swat says:

    Happy belated 2nd Anniversary!
    Ash~ we know you and Papa are really related when the first thing you look for back in the good ol’ USA is a jar of peanut butter!!
    Glad you are enjoying your time in HI, it is one of my fav places to be!!
    Enjoying keeping up with your blogs!
    Be safe!

  4. Linda Corriero says:

    Enjoy your time in Hawaii – one of my favorite places. And no there hasn’t been another tornado by me yet but one never knows…. You two heed those hurricanes. Glad to hear the little dog in Peru gets by on his street smarts. Oscar is doing well – very busy with all the critters living in the yard. Love to you both. Aunt Linda

  5. Dori says:

    have a wonderful time while in Hawaii…

  6. Pappa & Mamma Stubs says:

    Enjoy the bubbly—Happy Anniversary

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