Hawaii-16 days

Aloha folks! We just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing great and LOVING Hawaii. We will quickly highlight what we have been up to and what we are planing to do. We have already been here for 16 days and our time is quickly coming to an end. 3 islands, 4 flights, 1 tropical depression, 3 couchsurfers and only 3 days of car rentals, we have had a blast.

Day 1-4 Oahu with Winlee and Hanu-We stayed with our college friend and her roomies. They took us on the best tour of Oahu, stopping at all the best places to eat and snorkel. We even drank Kava Kava with a buff native. It’s a drink made from the root of a plant and it has many medicinal purposes. It really made my tongue numb! After a few days on Oahu, we were off to Kauai for our anniversary.

Days 5-13 Kauai

We flew to Kauai (a 20 min. flight) and checked into our one splurge this trip. We pricelined a 5 star hotel back in April for our 2 year anniversary. We were so excited for an actual bed and pillows and at the Sheraton no less! We had our dress clothes from the thrift store ready to go for our first night in luxury and our big sushi dinner. We checked in and got upgraded (yay!) and then to our total surprise and shock, there was a gift waiting for us at the desk. My parents had gotten us a couples massage and I almost started crying at the front desk. I guess you can say I miss my parents just a little. We def. got some weird looks from the bellhop as he took our huge backpacks up to our room! But when we got to our amazing room, we found chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us, also from my parents. Needless to say it was a sweet start to our day! We relaxed by the pool and ocean, swam and took the best nap ever! Dinner was also a highlight at the islands best sushi place. We didn’t want to leave the next day, but there was a trail to be hiked.

The next day we drove to Waimao canyon and spent the morning exploring the south side of the island. We set up our tent beachside at a public park. For only $6 night, you can sleep next to the ocean. Not a bad deal. We got up early and drove to the northside of the island to our next campsite closer to the Kalalau trail. We had to return the car so after Jason dropped me off at our campsite, he drove 45 min. back to the car rental agency and then caught the bus up to our campsite. A small problem happened when Jason got dropped off at the bus station because he was still about 3 miles from our campsite. He thought that he would just hitchhike his way (very safe and common in Hawaii). He was very hesistant to believe me that people hitch all the time in Hawaii but he thought he should be ok. Well, an hour later, Jason was unable to catch a ride and it was raining! He arrived wet and laughing about it though!

The next morning we hitched a ride to town (we got picked up in less than 4 min. haha) and then we hitched to the start of the Kalalua trail. The whole trail is 11 miles with an amazing valley at the 11 mile point where a bunch of hippies live illegally. We started hiking really late and made camp at mile 2, just in time for the sun to set. The hike is famous and the whole thing is along the coast line.We also found out it is the featured trail in a new movie out in theatres right now about a killer on a hiking trail!  We hiked for 4 days and everywhere we looked it was cliffs and ocean. The trail is very scary at some points because it’ only 1-2 foot wide with a 200ft cliff drop so we had to watch our step! But we finished the trail and hitchhiked out back to a public campground, exhausted but not worried since we had a few days planned on the beach.

Day 13-16  Maui

We flew to Maui and had arranged to stay with a person from couchsurfers.org named Tim. He’s a kayak and surf instructor on the island but originally from the mainland, mostly Pensacola FL! For those of you that don’t know, Pensacola is where Jason and I went to college for two years. We took a bus into the little hippie town of Paia and then hitched a ride to Tim’s house. We weren’t even trying to hitch a ride but people here just pull over and insist on giving you one! We have ridden in the back of trucks with alot of dogs but it’s the best way to get around for free. Tim was also hosting 2 other people when we arrived so we were happy to have people to hang out with. We woke up the next morning at 3am and started the hour and a half drive up to the top of Haleakala National Park for the best sunrise in the world. HNP is 10,000ft so you could only imagine the view. It was freezing at the top (40 degrees) but worth every shivering moment. The sunrise was perfect and afterwards we drove down to celebrate life with a big pancake breakfast with our new friends Victor and Tamber. We then met up with Tim to do a kayak tour with the company he works for. We had to pretend we didn’t know him and we made a game of calling him every name but his real one. After a few Barts, Als, Carls, Jim’s….he got what we were doing and stopped correcting us in front of the group! But, the tour was great and we saw and swam with 9 sea turtles. We were less than a foot away! They are endangered so you cannot touch them but we got close enough to see their big beautiful eyes. After a wonderful dinner with our host (cooked by yours truly) we again woke up early to drive the Hana highway. It’s about 50 miles long and has 617 curves with 56 one-lane bridges. It took us 2 hours to do the highway one way. We hiked to a 300ft waterfall and through a bamboo forest when we got to mile 47. We were both tired for the 2 hour, gut wrenching ride home but the view was still worth it. 

Ok, so that’s Hawaii so far. We are heading out on the trail today as soon as our stuff is done drying. We are hiking for 3 days in the crater of Haleakala National Park through the volcano’s crater. Then we are back to Oahu for a few more days with Winlee. Then, it’s official that we are heading to South Korea on the 23rd. Our ticket is set and they are expecting us. We are both giddy and nervous about South Korea.  It feels like it came too quick but we are looking forward to having our own space for a little while, including our own kitchen. -Ash

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  1. stubbemand says:

    Love the pics. Soooooooooo jealous. Miss you.

  2. Tracy says:

    So, What is it that Jason is holding in his bare hands??
    Such an amazing vicarious experience for all us onlookers!

  3. Dori says:

    I have been waiting for a journal update! as usual it sounds amazing! the turtle pictures are priceless. enjoy and journey safe to SK

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