We have thus far experienced two stikes and a countless number of parades/festivals. Today was a little different, however, as the transit companies went on strike. This turned a normally bustling city, filled with taxis, exhaust fumes, and loud car horns into a tranquil and calm environment.

The Combi and Taxi drivers decided to strike in opposition to a law that basically makes them more safe to ride in, but will in turn force them to raise prices to maintain the same income. We awoke this morning to a strange calm…very nice! When we walked out onto the main road, we were met with a very interesting sight. Everyone was walking through the main roads that were normally filled with crazed combi drivers and swerving taxis. People had set up volleyball nets and make-shift soccer goals in the middle of the streets as no vehicles were passing by.

To ensure that no other combis or taxis would be functioning, some locals decided to block the main streets with piles of large rocks and set fire to piles of trash in major intersections. There were a couple of small groups that were slightly rambunctious, but we never felt threatened. Everyone (including us) knew the strike was coming and it felt more like a festival atmosphere than anything.

Since there were no functioning vehicles, there was no work. Our group of volunteers took full advantage of this and had a large pancake brunch at the volunteer residence, then we all walked the forty minutes into town to shop and show two new volunteers around. By the time we left downtown, the taxis had started to function again and we celebrated by fitting 10 people into one taxi to go back to the residence and watch a movie. All in all, it was an interesting, yet relaxing day. Only four days left in Huancayo!!!

– Jason

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  1. Dori says:

    you said shopping??? what did you buy? you know that is my favorite past time!

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