On the Trail Again

Hola Friends! We left our home of a month in Huancayo on Sunday morning, heading to Lima by bus which took about 6 hours. I was still recovering from a bout of stomach flu but was able to hold it together the whole ride which made everyone happy, especially Jason since he had to sit next to me. Next we boarded a 22 hour bus to Cusco with a company called Cruise Del Sur.

Jason wants to write about our exciting ride on the bus so I will leave it to him to convey the ride. After arriving in Cusco, which is by far the most popular destination for tourists, we met our good friends Mike and Lauren for dinner. Lauren and Mike are from Houston, Texas and both just graduated from Texas A&M (congrats). They volunteered with us in Huancayo and just happen to be in Cusco the same time as us. So we have been enjoying their company and humor for the past two days.

We will write more specific details about our adventures in Cusco later but for now we wanted to let everyone know we will be heading out tomorrow for a 7 day trek called the Vilcabamba Trail which is less used trek to get to Machu Picchu. We are so excited to do the hike ourselves and not have to pay tons for the classic Inca trail hike which has 500 people a day on it. We will be back on the 17th, heading to Pisco for our last volunteering site in Peru. Wish us luck! -Ash

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  1. Yusuke Mizuno says:

    Say hi to Mike and Lauren for me. I MISS YOU GUYS. Yup. Calculus 2 is icky. My professor proved integration today by 5 different sigma notation principals. Yeah. I will confront him tomorrow.

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