Pisco Sin Fronteras – PSF

Jasons Perspective… We both had an amazing week at PSF! I cannot describe how great a group of people are working with this organization from all corners of the globe. Ashley and I worked on a few different projects throughout the week, so I will tell you a bit about my experience. We arrived late […]

Pisco Sin Fronteras-Earthquake Relief

Hola Amigos! We have just finished our week long volunteer experience with in Pisco, Peru (coastal city) with the organization Pisco Sin Fronteras. We were blown away by the people and the experience in general.  It is amazing what a can be done with limited supplies but limitless energy. We decided that this entry needs […]

Machu Picchu is that good

Hola Friends. It has been quite a week since our hike to the Choqequirao ruins, but I guess I will continue where Jase left off. After getting back from the trail we had one BIG thing left on our list of Peru musts….Machu Picchu. The true mecca to all Peruvian travelers. We were up to […]

Visitors Wanted!

We are nearing the portion of our trip that we will be in Hawaii and South Korea. If any friends or family are interested in possibly visiting us in either one of these places, please let us know early so we can plan. We know a few people have talked about it and we would […]

The Vilcabamba Traverse and Choqequirao Ruins

We arrived safely back in Cusco today after six days and five nights on the trail. We departed with the intention of traversing the Vilcabamba mountain range and ending, via hiking, at Machu Picchu. Our plans changed after sickness, injury, and very conflicting trail information. We obtained a topographic map from a credible source in […]

On the Trail Again

Hola Friends! We left our home of a month in Huancayo on Sunday morning, heading to Lima by bus which took about 6 hours. I was still recovering from a bout of stomach flu but was able to hold it together the whole ride which made everyone happy, especially Jason since he had to sit […]

Special Needs Students

Happy 4th of July everyone! I just wanted to give a quick update on the resources we were able to gather for the special needs school. After a few e-mails, phone calls, and our post, the response was overwhelming with your generosity. Many of you that we contacted had already given a donation to our […]

Around Town in Huancayo

This post will be dedicated to trying to describe what it is like here in Huancayo. To paint a more accurate picture, I will start at the beginning… Our house is in an adjacent town to Huancayo. The town sprawl really encompases our area too, but we are accross the river/creek, so we are considered […]


We have thus far experienced two stikes and a countless number of parades/festivals. Today was a little different, however, as the transit companies went on strike. This turned a normally bustling city, filled with taxis, exhaust fumes, and loud car horns into a tranquil and calm environment. The Combi and Taxi drivers decided to strike […]