Travel with Caution

Peruvian women selling fish fried right there...yummy! That is how you get the travelers bug for sure.

Peruvian women selling fish fried right there...yummy! That is how you get the travelers bug for sure.


Thank you to all our readers for your wonderful posts and comments. It has really made our trip that much more fun to be able to share it with everyone. We are reading them so please keep the comments coming. If you have alot of questions or would like to chat with us, feel free to e-mail us directly at or


Today is Friday, June 19th and Jason has been struck with the travelers bug. Last night around 11pm he decided that anything he´s eaten in the past three days no longer agreed with him. He and his new best friend, the toilet, had many deep conversations that lasted into the morning. I think that he will be up and about tomorrow for our trip to the jungle with the other volunteers.


I was very sick last weekend with the same travelers bug and it was horrible. It is bound to happen to everyone, especially when you travel to countries that do not have water you can drink from the tap. The catch is that your food is still prepared with the tap water so if it is not cooked properly, you end up hugging your new ceramic best friend. We are careful here to use bottled water for most of everything but there times when we do use the tap water just to build a tolerance to the water.


I am still going to the afterschool program solo because today we are going to one of the kid´s houses to make sure they are getting fed and have a bed to sleep in, even if it´s with 5 other people. Look for pictures tomorrow. And this is just for you mom…..the weather here is very similar to AZ and CO. We are at 10,000 ft. so it gets very cold at night (around 35-40 F) and is a sunny 65 F. during the day. It is VERY dry so we are looking forward to some humidity this weekend in the jungle. We are missing everyone! -Ash




3 Responses to “Travel with Caution”

  1. Yusuke Mizuno says:

    I don´t think Jason will be able to have tomatoes for a long, long time… And neither of you will be able to ever look at deep fried food the same way again. That is all.

  2. Dori says:

    everything you are doing amazes me! take care and get better

  3. stubbemand says:

    At least my cooking never made you sick. Ha. Jes and I leave for camp Sun. Have fun.
    Love ya.

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