Our Arrival in Peru!

We have finally arrived in Peru! Our flight was quite nice – very smooth. Our descent into Lima was interesting as a hazy cloud forms over Lima this time of year and blocks your view of anything below from the plane…except for the mountain peaks poking through into the blue sky above!


After pushing the red light-green light customs button and both winning (my lame attempt at a humerous way to say that we did not have to get checked) and a short cab ride, we arrived in Mira Flores, a trendy and safe part of Lima. Our hostel was quite nice (The Inca Lounge Hostel) and the people there were friendly.


After a short rest, we took a walk around town along the beachfront park, then to the central park area. The downtown center is about four times the size of Times Square and is packed with thousands of people. Trendy restaurants and cafes line the streets and lots of couples and small crowds were sitting in the park or walking along the sidewalk.


We ended up stopping at a seafood restaurant and ordering what we thought was a small portion of mixed seafood. Well, there idea of ´´mediano¨ is slightly different than mine. My meal arrived with a HUGE portion of scallops, a small crab, shrimp, white fish, golden potatoes and octopus. It was awesome!!! We also had to get a Pisco Sour to celebrate our arrival in Peru as it is their national drink. We had not checked the exchange rate before we went to the restaurant, however, and we were clueless about how much we were spending. We just hoped it would not be too rediculous. After a hilarious conversation in half broken spanish, half english, and lots of miming, we were able to pay and figure out that a tip was not really necessary. In our defense, we had this all down in Costa Rica, but were tired and someone was on the interenet when we left our hostel, so we couldn´t check on that stuff. The meal ended up being quite reasonably priced in the end for such a nice meal and drinks. Peru is inexpensive… 3 soles to the dollar, but the equivalent prices are also cheaper. 


The night was actually cold, getting into the low forties, high thirties, so we had to bundle up for the first time on the trip. Yeah!

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