Whats in a name


        We have been in Costa Rica for just over 10 days now. We have really jumped into this trip at a wonderful place. Over the past 10 days we have stayed almost every other night in a different place, with new people, new surroundings. Although each place has been different, there are two things that have stayed consistent that I thought I would share…

         1. The streets in Costa Rica do not have names. Well, some do, but none of them are marked. I know, its hard to believe. You must be thinking, well they are just not on a sign but on an official map they are. No. not at all. I had no clue of this before entering CR. We were staying with Jason’s cousin the first night and she had to type us directions (in Spanish) to her house to give to the cab driver which included things like "turn left at the old factory, then right at the yellow house with then an immediate left at the big tree."

        If you need to send mail, you have to write it out like driving directions. Needless to say we have not bought any maps of any of the cities we have visited. It has made us stop and use the friendly people of Costa Rica as our guides to their towns and cities. It has been welcoming how eager and anxious people have been to help us, even if they dont understand what we are trying to ask!

        2. We have been staying at hostels almost everynight of our stay here thus far. For those of you not aware of what a hostel is like, I will try to describe what is has been like in most of the ones we have stayed in. A hostel is a small hotel that is a very cheap way to travel and meet other travelers. A younger crowd of travelers are usually drawn to hostels because you can stay in a dorm like room with your friends or a private room for a little more money. The average cost so far in CR has been $6 a night per person for a double bed in a private room, shared bathroom. A hostel usually has a community kitchen and fridge for anyone to use. It must be mentioned that there is a strict policy about writing your name on your food and not stealing others, they just kick you out. Since most travelers in hostels are on a budget, dinner is usually a busy time in the kitchen as everyone cooks their own food but still enjoys dinner together. Most hostels have a common area with hammocks, couches, reading materials and games for people to use at their leisure.

Our Favorite hostel so far..Gringo Petes in LaFortuna


         The best way to describe a hostel is a college dorm. The bathrooms are a little dingy, the showers always cold, the mattresses are lumpy at best, but…its where you meet the most interesting people. Getting around to my main point. You can walk into a hostel, share a room with friends from Germany, cook dinner with a Canadian or play a card game with a fellow midwester and 9 times out of 10, no where in any conversation did you get the other persons name. I have found it very true in the hostel community that you are more likely to know where a person is from, where they have visited and where they are going next before you ask their name. If someone is looking for you, you are most likely to be described by your accent and what you look like. For instance, I happen to be the fast talking blonde American. All I can say is that I love it. We are in a place where your name does not matter. Where you are from is your identity and where you are going is what people are most interested in so if they have been there, they can hopefully offer you tips to make your experience better.

         It’s a well accepted fact in the hostel travel community that you most likely will never keep in touch after one night in a hostel together…but why not live in the moment and enjoy each others company without the usual formalities.

-Ash Ps. We will be leaving on 5-27 for our 10 day trip to the beaches of Gandoca, Costa Rica for our volunteer work with Widecast and their sea turtles. We will not have internet access for 10 days so please watch for posts after the 7th of June!

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  1. DoriDori says:

    I am all signed up on SKYPE
    let’s chat!

  2. BaBarbrb says:

    Hi Jason & Ashley, I am enjoying reading your posts. The volcanic hike sounded real beautiful and exhilerating. Praying you are both healthy and enjoying each other and the trip. Love Aunt Barb

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