Arenal is Hot Hot Hot!

Hola Friends! We are on the move again! We loved our time in Monteverde, but are anxious to move on to the next adventure.

This morning we got picked up from our hostel by Jeep Boat Jeep to go to the little town of LaFortuna. The ride (which is in a minibus, not a jeep, to my disappointment) was bumpy but very scenic for about 2 hours through the rolling hills. We kept passing the skinniest cows and horsesĀ  you could ever imagine, perched up on the hillside just chilling. A girl we were riding with had a theory that all the cows get soo skinny that they turn into horses!

Anyways, after our little ride, we arrived at Lake Arenal to load onto a boat for a 45 min. ride to the base of the volcano. It was amazing to see Volcan Arenal just appear, clear as day. It’s an active volcano so the top was smoking up a storm. We arrived at our next “jeep” and it was a short ride to Gringo Pete’s Hostel in town. The name, LaFortuna, means the fortunate because of the volcano that sits right there has erupted twice in the past 20 years. First, in 1968, killing 80 people and 50,000 cows and another time in 2001.

The town has little soda shops (places to eat-not soft drink shops) on every corner with people trying to keep cool. We grabbed a beans and rice lunch before relaxing in the hammock and reading for the afternoon.

That evening, we went on a lava tour with a tour guide named, no joke, Mr. Lava Lava. He drove a 1993 Ford Aerostar van, very similar to my older brothers. Although Mr. Lava Lava didn’t have matching seats, his car had no rust. I guess Chicago winters will do that.

We drove around to the opposite side of the volcano to wait until it was dark in order to see the lava. We were there for two minutes when the crowd all yell “LAVA!” like some crazy cult. We sat there for an hour and saw a big spill of lava rocks spew from the top. It was quite intense.

That night, it was so hot in our room at the hostel we had to move the mattress onto the floor to get the fan to hit our faces just a little. The fan was supposed to oscillate, but was broken, so we had to rig a cardboard box to the bottom to keep it pointed up at us a little. It was still a good nights rest. -Ash

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  1. Barb says:

    HI Jason & Ashley, Enjoying reading your posts. Glad it is you seeing those spiders and other insects and not me! Glad you are safe and sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Be careful, have fun!
    Love Aunt Barb

  2. Dori says:

    i am watching Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches episode…Costa Rica and reading your blog and looking at your pictures. I feel like i am there with you!

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